PinExt Free Engagement Sessions...because they are super important!!



Its Engagement Season! If you have gotten recently engaged, Congratulations!!! This is one of the most exciting times of your life, and it only happens once, so try to breath and enjoy every second of it! It can be pretty overwhelming to look at the list of things you will have to do while planning your wedding…but try not to let it get the best of you! When you start crossing things off your list, you will feel better and better. Here is a great wedding planning tool that can help you on your journey to your wedding day. Wedding Wire’s Checklist .

One thing that will relieve some stress from your wedding planning anxiety is having an engagement session with your wedding photographer. When I talk to brides, one comment that I get alot is that they don’t really feel comfortable getting photographed. I’m going to to let you in on a little secret…MOST couples don’t really feel super comfortable with a camera in front of their face! I know that I don’t either….and this is exactly why engagement sessions are so important!

Here’s a few reason why booking an Engagement Session with your wedding photographer is so important:

1. It will help you to relax on your wedding day.

2. It will let you see your self on camera and through your photographers eyes.

3. It will reassure you that your photographer is a right fit for you and your fiance and allow you to make a change if you need to.

4. You will have awesome pictures to use for your wedding day!

5. It will help you see how your photographer works and what is expected of you (will I have to pose? will I have to smile the whole time? will my photographer be funny?) ( anwers with me..( no, no, yes!)

6. Its a super fun way to capture your love and relationship!!! There is no better time to capture your love than when you are newly engaged! There is something special about new love…and it photographs so great!!! :)

Some of my favorite Engagement Sessions:

Because I think engagement sessions are so important, I’m giving them away with all weddings booked in January! Email me at for more info! I can’t wait to hear all about your wedding!