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  • kaylee contact 1100x366 Aboutour style 1100x366 AboutI love capturing 2 people in love.
  • I love being able to show people the best in themselves.
  • I love turquoise.
  • I love cuddling before falling asleep.
  • I love being at home making stuff with my kiddos.
  • I love traveling with my husband.
  • I love mexican food and could eat it every day.
  • I love growing my own herbs….and try to remember to water them!
  • Destination Weddings are my favorite kind of wedding…but DIY weddings are a close 2nd!

My first Camera….
The first time I really remember taking a camera somewhere was on the 3rd grade field trip to the Woodland Park Zoo. I took some blurry images of the pink flamingos and some of the kids in my class….I still have these pictures. What really made an impact on me was the frustration that I saw something with my eye, and the cheapo instant camera that I had really didn’t capture what I saw. Fast forward to high school and i got a 35mm SLR for my 16th birthday. I LOVED that camera and brought it everywhere with me. My friends can attest to the fact that my senior year, I had that thing around my neck all the time. I loved being able to capture a moment.

Fast forward to college…I took a photography class on a whim…and I fell in love with the darkroom. ehem! Yes…back in the day, there was such thing as film! I’ve always been a people person, but something about being in the quiet darkroom I found really soothing. All though I don’t shoot with film any more, I still love revealing what I shot on my computer and bringing it to life.