PinExt F.A.Q.

Session F.A.Q.

When I book a session with you, what should I expect?

When we meet at the amazing location we have chosen, expect to have alot of fun. After I shoot some pictures to
set my lighting so that you look incredible, we will find a spot to start and I will ask you to do a few things, but mostly just hang out.  The most important thing is….RELAX! :) We will have fun, and I assure you that 5 minutes after I start clicking, you will realize just how much fun its going to be,and when its over you will be trying to figure out when you can book another session!

**If this is an love/engagement session, I will ask you to just look at your man/woman and just enjoy each other. Feel free to talk laugh, talk, **kiss**, embrace and just enjoy!:) The more touching and engaging in each other, the more relationship is established in the images. This session is about me capturing you two in love with each other, not you gazing into the camera. Yes…we will get a few of those shots too, but mostly, just pretend I’m not there. I know this seems impossible, but after a few short minutes you will be chatting about wedding plans, the honeymoon,
and where you want to go for dinner tonight. I’ll be doing the hard work of getting you in amazing light, and finding some fun, interesting textures to put
you in front of. I may ask you to lean you head on his shoulder or sit on the ground…just trust me and go with it. This is why you hired me! Be prepared that  will **GASP** multiple times during your shoot.

What does it mean if the photographer GASPS?

This is good. This means the lighting is amazing, the location is wonderful and you are doing your job….enjoying each other. It means I looked at the image in my camera and really, really, really loved what I saw. I will probably show you this image too….so that you can rest assured that you look great!

If I’m talking, won’t there be pictures of me with weird faces?

Yes. I delete those. In 8 years in the business of Wedding & Lifestyle photography, I’ve found this method of non-posing, posing, to be the most efficient at capturing people in their normal, relaxed state. By me not telling you to tip your head this way every 2 seconds, my clients tend to relax and just enjoy the ride. I will, believe me, ask you to tip your head if I need to…but I find the most enjoyable moments are captured as you are throwing your head back in laughter.

How do you choose you the locations you shoot your sessions at?

There are so many places that I love. When I’m driving around, and I see a place that looks interesting, I make a little mental note, and when I have a client that seems like a good fit for that place, I will suggest that we use it. I love shooting at places that are special to you as a person, or couple. Your images will have that much more meaning when you show your children your images 15 years later. I love that!

I love different texture (“crust” as I call it),color, and some folliage. I look for a variety of those elements at every site.

What should I (we) wear?

You should wear clothes that make you feel great. What ever that is! I love color, plaids, crazy combos….and I LOVE photographing dresses (prom, vintage or 80′s!). The more color the better. Or even a better idea that that, is to go with a fun theme….vintage, 80′s, Rocker, or what ever you want!

What happens after our session?

It takes about 2-4 weeks for me to edit your images and get them online. You will choose the images for your album or reprinting and then I will get started on that. When those are printed I will send them to you in the mail.