Get the best out of your Wedding Photographer on your Wedding Day!

PinExt Get the best out of your Wedding Photographer on your Wedding Day!

So your wedding day is fast approaching and you might be feeling a little anxious about how you are going to look in all those wedding pictures that are going to be taken of you the whole day. We typically take about 5000 images in one wedding day and if you follow even just a few of these tips…you will be doing yourself a favor!

Getting Ready & The Bridal Suite:

1.Wherever you are getting ready, and by that I mean putting on your dress &  retouching make-up and hair, should be lit with as much natural light as possible. If you have any windows that are able to be open, your wedding photographer will love you if you open those blinds up and let the light in.

2. Make sure your wedding dress is out of its bag and hanging in a window, doorway or another plain wall.  Also, any details that you have taken the time to choose for our wedding day should be out and ready to be photographed….things like wedding shoes (the more colorful the better in my humble opinion), any jewelry to be worn, the veil ready to be put on. Any gifts from the groom, vows or anything else sentimental is a great thing to have photographed.

3. Leave alittle mess. :) You don’t have to clean up the whole room. Wedding-ish stuff should stay….garbage should go!

4. Have the guys get all the way ready except for bow ties, cuff links and jackets. This way, as soon as we walk in, we can shoot them at this point (pants on!) and still get those iconic “getting ready” images.

5. Think about having a specific time to have your dad come into the room and see you for the first time. This is a great moment to catch on film, but if you don’t really think about it, it can pass over a really special moment.

6. Relax!

First Glance & Bride & Groom Portraits:

1. When thinking about where you might want to have your first glance, there are a few things to consider….even light, and a plain or generic back ground. If you have a place you are thinking of….if the lighting is even (read all shade or all sun) your place might work. Dappled shade and shade/sun are less than ideal and won’t serve the purpose of capturing your faces as you see each other for the first time. As far as the back ground….something plain or even colored is the best…as to not detract from you both. If you have nothing in mind…leave it up to me and I will find the best place possible!

2. Try to forget that the camera is even there….at first it will be alittle awkward, but after about 10 minutes, if you just go along…it will get better and will be less stressful having 1 or 2 cameras in your face! Just try to stay focused on your man, and forget about the cameras!

3. Stand up Straight and pop your hip! When you stand up straight, you lose about 10 lbs. Turn your body about 45 degrees away from the camera, then pop your hip and bend left your knee. Then put your left hand on your left hip and tip your chin down just a tad. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out any magazine on the rack that has celebrities on the red carpet. They have this look down and they do it because it gives you the best body that you have! Lots of curves and confidence! Practice this in the mirror a few times before you hit your own red carpet…aka your wedding day! You will be able to own your dress and your day!

4. Practice your smile face and your straight face.  If you have ever watched Top Model, you know that Tyra has coined the phrase “smize” which means smile with your eyes. She always tells her models to practice it in the mirror… Its a funny word…but it helps to practice! She does know what she is talking about!