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Why do I need a Funbooth live Photobooth at my Wedding or Event?

One of the things I have been doing for a while….is the Funbooth. I have one at almost every kids party, family party, dinner party and holiday party….and I LOVE, LOVE LOVE to do them at weddings! Almost 9 years ago, I had a photobooth at my wedding…before it was a big trend. I just knew I wanted pictures of every one who attended!

Why should you have a Funbooth Live Photobooth at your wedding?

  1. Funbooth Live Photo booths are an easy, fun way to capture all of your guests having a fantastic time at your wedding! Little ones, your friends, your parents and your grandparents will have a fabulous time! And you have a lasting memory of them!
  2. Some of the guests at your reception may not be the Dancing Queen type…so they might not get photographed…but get them in the funbooth, and they may just cut loose!
  3. You are going going to love it!
  4. Your Bridal Party is going to love it!
  5. A a picture of your guests are a great gift to send with your thank you notes!
  6. If there is a lull in the excitement…its a perfect place to gather up all your gal pals from your sorority or your buddies from college to snap a few!
  7. Your if your guests sign up on the email list to see your gallery, they will receive a $5 credit to purchase their favorite images at your own wedding gallery at
  8. A year after your wedding…you can look through these funbooth images and remember what an amazing time you had!

Take a look at these peeps….Are they having a great time??:)

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Funbooth Events: 2010

11. 13.10 Phil & Trish’s Wedding Day Funbooth

11.18.10 Widmer Brothers The Big Chill  ’10 Funbooth Video Part 1

The Big Chill ’10 Funbooth: Part 1!! from Kaylee Eylander on Vimeo.

Crazy Pics Coming Soon!

The Big Chill ’10 Funbooth: Part 1!! from Kaylee Eylander on Vimeo.

The Big Chill ’10 Funbooth: Part 2!! from Kaylee Eylander on Vimeo.

Redhook Party at the Pier ’10 |11- 22-10

Redhook Party at the Pier ’10 from Kaylee Eylander on Vimeo.

Stills Coming Soon!