PinExt Investment


I absolutely LOVE shooting weddings. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

My favorite kind of wedding includes a bride & groom who are in love, an interesting wedding venue and throw in a few fun details, and boom! My kind of wedding! Really….I love anything and everything about weddings….expect me to squeal in  delight when I see your wedding gown, gasp and jump up and down when I see your cute wedding shoes and ooo and ahh over all of the details at your reception. I get excited and its just the way I roll.

Typically we book 12 months in advance, and up to 18 months for popular dates.

Wedding Packages Start at $1900 and include travel in Washington State.

Most brides invest from $2200-$5000.

Available anywhere you are. :)

Please shoot me an email on my contact page for more info!

 Portaits & Families

I also love shooting Portraits and Families. Portrait Sessions start at $150. Please contact me through my contact page for more info.